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We went and did a spinning class this afternoon.  For those who are unfamiliar, it's basically riding a stationary bike... but with 15 other people also riding stationary bikes and being "led" by an instructor.  The instructor tells you helpful things like "turn it up half a turn" (i.e. increase the tension on the bike so it's harder to pedal) or "get out of the saddle".  At our gym, for whatever reason, the spinning room is kept in near darkness with black lights (!) on during the actual class.

Back in the day, I was pretty strong on the bike.  That is no longer true.  I told Michelle at the end that I was going for Rocky I style - I just wanted to go the distance.

The music choice was unusual, but I liked it.  Two songs local boy Bob Schneider, AC/DC, Michelle's favorite Tom Petty song, that Superman song by Three Doors Down, Hey-ya by Outkast, and perhaps most surprising, "Say It Isn't So" by Weezer.  Friggin Weezer as a workout band, who knew.  I mean, I knew that Weezer Rocks, but this is new.

As I was grunting through all of that, I thought back to when I would ride the bike for two hours straight during that triathlon class just for the hell of it.  Of course, that was about the same time I didn't have a car and would actually ride my bike miles every day just to get around.  The spin class was about forty minutes and it was rough stuff.

The worst part of it, I suppose, is the elevated heart rate and all for hours afterwards.  It's after midnight, and I still don't feel like going to bed.
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