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Garage Sale

As you well know, we live in a tiny little house. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1000 sq ft. We're in the midst of shuffling some things around in preparation of the kid. Part of that is pairing down what we have so we can fit the influx of baby gear.

To that end, we're having a garage sale tomorrow. We've got a good supply of stuff. Put our ad in Craig's List today, I'll go work on signs this afternoon.

In the past, we've made anywhere from $100 - $300 from these sales, so that is always nice. After the sale is over, we pack up everything that is left over and send it to Goodwill. Off she goes, and we have a little more room.

It felt like we did an awful lot preparing for the sale. Now when I start looking around the house, there seems like more we could get rid of. But we should have plenty for the impending kiddo.

Next things up: planning on buying a car next weekend, possibly re-painting the room we're moving into, and then of course moving all the furniture around. Michelle and I are planning on sharing a computer for the time being, we'll see how that goes. She insisted that we cut down to only one desk, and hence only one computer. Upside is that we can go dual headed on the monitors. We're hoping that our different usage patterns (she works in the morning, I play games in the evening) will work out.
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