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Coolest thing I have yet to see

Back in Feb, I was reading some Austin blog about seeing local boys Ghostland Observatory. Austin has a lot of bands, and I frankly don't care for a great many of them.

This was about a show GLO had just done. They were then heading out of town.

GLO is a weird outfit. The one guy who makes the music just sits in front of his keyboard with his canned rhythms. The singer has a squawky voice and channels Freddie Mercury or Joe Cocker. Not everyone likes them. The folks who do like them seem to slaver over them, which always makes me cautious.

So, anyway, I'm reading this blog, and it's talking about how effing awesome the show was. Especially the climax, "The Band Marches On":

Once you watch that, you can check out this one with a little more intro:

Michelle actually played in the UT band for a year. I have to believe this would be the coolest thing ever for a band geek to participate in. And to see. In that first video, when the drums start blasting, you can hear some woman shouting "OH MY GOD".

Reminds me of a scene in On The Road when Sal is in San Francisco watching some jazz. He describes the drummer as not caring about anything but banging his busted tubs. That is the way I would feel, hammering away on my drums under the hot lights while the crowd... goes... wild.

GLO is back at Stubbs mid-November. Will my desire to see them win out over my desire to go to bed by 9 o'clock?
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